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2020 Citizens Budget

2020 Citizens Budget

January 2020 will be exactly three (3) years since the good people of Ghana took the bold decision to entrust the management and affairs of this nation into the hands of the Akuffo-Addo- led government. As we take stock of our stewardship, we say Ebenezer. Yes, thus far the Lord has indeed brought us!

When we came into power, there were skeptics who thought that this government was being overly ambitious, and could not deliver on its promises.There were indeed times when the task seemed quite daunting. However, with resilience in the face of numerous challenges, strong fiscal discipline and well-envisioned policies, there has been a paradigm shift in the fortunes of our dear nation and we have a good story to tell! A year before the 2020 polls, Ghanaians can clearly attest to the positive developments in all sectors of the economy, primarily in education, health, infrastructure, industry, agriculture and employment.

Today, over 97,000 hitherto unemployed graduates have been offered employment under the innovative and very successful Nation Builders Corps(NABCO) initiative; 1.2 million children have been enrolled into senior high schools under the free SHS programme; teacher and nursing training allowances have been restored, with prompt payment beneficiaries; 55,000 nurses have been recruited permanently into the health care sector; 181 companies have been benefited from the one district one factory(1d1f) programme; 3.6 million Ghanaians have been registered under the national ID programmes; and 880,000 people have benefited from the planting for food and job programme.

The strides made are not without challenges. But even as we endeavour to solve the myriad of problems we courageously took on, we are mindful that we need to consolidate the gains made in order for growth, jobs, prosperity for all, and security to take permanent root. Going into the 2020 elections, we remain resolute in our promise to maintain and jealously guard the fiscal stability we have worked so hard to attain in order not to erode the successes achieved so far. These developments attest to the fact that, together in our collective pursuits, we have achieved the president’s vision of a Ghana beyond aid.

We do not take lightly the trust reposed in us by the good people of Ghana! Together, let us “arise and build” to the admiration of the global community as we acknowledge the battle is indeed the Lords!

Long live Ghana!

God bless our homeland Ghana!!

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